Boast of the best quality

The PLY comprises a smart helmet with stability and high-tech features, a convenient
and powerful remote control, and applications that can make good use of it.

Remote Controller

Receiving call, audio Navi,
volume control for
easy and safe while driving

The 3-party communication system between the smartphone and the PLY is used to safely adjust the audio of the smartphone.

Product Description

Button Long Click Click
UP Volume Up Next Music
DOWN Volume Down Previous Music
RIGHT REC Start / Stop Voice Recognition
CENTER Answer call, Music Play/Pause

LED Indicator

Status Red LED Remark
Pairing Fast Blink(0.3s interval)
Pairing Success 1 Blink(0.5s) x3
Pairing Fail 2 Blink(0.5s) x3
No Connection 2 Blink(0.5s) x3
Low Battery Slow Blink(1.5s) x5

Easy-to-Use UI/UX Using Jog Button

Because safety is critical, UIUX is configured to facilitate manipulation of
several functions with the thumb only on the left hand handle.

Audio Control


You can make group calls with various PTT apps
(Search for Walkie-talkie or PTT in the App store)

Recommended Apps

There are a number of PTT apps, but we recommend and tested with ZELLO PTT.


Safety-centric design


Smart Remote Control detailed specifications

Items Key Specifications Remarks
Communication Bluetooth BLE 4.0
Battery Coin Battery
Color Dark Gray / Orange
Button Jog 1, Reset 1
LED 1 (Red)
Water resistance IP54